Service Request Module is a customized component of the CMS that will capture and track parts, material, crewmembers, and city vehicles anytime city personnel respond to service requests. The Case Management Solution (CMS) will direct, connect, and centralize your data to simplify and improve your current process, while the Service Module will work to improve resource efficiency and delivery of services. Users can capture and calculate true costs for services specific to the nature of any department, which in turn will allow cities to streamline resources and adjust budget priorities accordingly. The Service Request Module is giving cities a more tangible way to accurately forecast future spending, anticipate workloads, and justify budget planning.

For example, when a department (i.e. Public Works) goes to repair a pothole, they will be able
to track: materials, parts used for repairs, which members of the crew were used, number of
hours each person worked on the job, mileage of vehicle used, etc. By doing this cities can gather information that delivers key insight to generate performance and financial reports.
Procedures and processes that slow response time or add limited value can be identified and adjusted.

Features at a glance

  • Track inventory, equipment, material, and labor
  • Streamline Resources
  • Justify budget spending
  • Improve efficiency
  • Create accountability