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Microsoft Partners
CCS has partnered with Microsoft® technology in an effort to design and build solutions that integrate with our customers' existing infrastructure to help keep applications secure and scalable while saving time and money.

CRIMES (Criminal Research, Information Management & Evaluation System)
Cities who purchase the CRIMES software are often in need of data migration to and from various police packages. CCS can put your legacy police data into the CRIMES database, and eliminate the hassles of dealing with multiple police systems. Turn your police records into actionable information so you can make the most of your new investment.
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Data Migration
Here at CCS we offer data conversion, data migration, and record integration to help cities deploy new applications faster and cost effectively. We know that cities must have access to critical legacy data across hardware platforms, older applications, and operating systems in order to gain the most benefit from their investments. Minimize risk of data loss by entrusting your migration projects to CCS, a reliable service provider.
Business Process Analysis
CCS will meet with supervisors, managers, and department heads to determine how our standard solution can be implemented to replace a city's current process of doing business. We identify users, priority levels, status codes, common complaints/issues, building locations, and other department specific information. Then we will focus on the core of the application and identify the city's policies, procedures, and response protocol. Our solution comes standard with generic management functionality but is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of any department or city.

Application Hosting
For cities who choose to host their CMS application off-site, CCS offers application hosting services. Application hosting is also available for those who purchase website templates from us and have not acquired a domain name or hosting.